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Balance of Power is a documentary that examines the specific ways Congress is manipulated to block popular reforms.

Using a combination of personal interviews, archival footage and expert commentary, this film reveals the shocking extent to which Congress's spending on Medicare, military, housing, education and the tax code favors powerful special interests at the expense of the general public. Through campaign finance and lobbying, rewarded by Congress's limitless debt spending, political insiders have created a system that gives them enormous, unchecked power. 

Balance of Power also captures current efforts to mandate change. Democratic and Republican party leaders encourage Americans to believe that our political viewpoints have never been more divided because this helps them maintain power. In reality, the vast majority of Americans agree on basic reforms to outlaw the wanton political corruption both parties practice, but Congress just won't pass them. Fortunately, by acts of State government citizens can impose reforms on Congress and nonpartisan movements are springing up across the country to do so including ones seeking enactment of an unprecedented Amendment to the US Constitution.

The film reveals the great potential of these movements to check the power of political insiders and challenges they face.





The most recent presidential election illustrated that we have reached a crisis point at which the trust we have in our government is broken. Change needs to occur so that Americans can trust in their leaders again and believe that they have a fair shot at achieving the American Dream.

In order for change to happen, Americans need to recognize how critical it is that their elected officials support financial accountability and open financial records. Otherwise, the public will lack the information they need to oversee the actions of federal officials and help maintain a fair and just balance of power. 





Born and raised in suburban Detroit, Andrew Rodney is a graduate of Wylie E. Groves High School and Hillsdale College.

In 2010, Andrew wrote and produced Deforce; a documentary focused on the imbalance between current discussions of Detroit’s problems and public engagement with their historical roots. 

Andrew is the Chief Operations Office for Detroit Forming, Inc in Southfield, Michigan. He is also an active tutor in the Detroit school system and a global member of Gen Next- a group dedicated to confronting challenges that face future generations. 


Born in Detroit, raised just north of there in Oakland County, Daniel Falconer studied Film & TV at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. He wrote, directed, and edited a short called On My Own in 2008. He then dedicated three years of his life to work on Deforce, and has since been developing his next narrative project.

He is proud to put his storytelling ability to work on Balance of Power. He stands ready to claim credit for anything the film does well, and equally prepared to blame others for any potential shortcomings.




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